CORE concentration camp! Coach Ming has carefully designed a wide range of drills for your abs, lower back, and legs. Different from the typical physical trainer who focus on a set of muscles on different machines, functional fitness starts from the core, with dynamic exercise to motivate different groups of muscles and joints, improving coordination, balance, stimulating your overall physical function. You will feel better, healthier, stand taller with better posture, feeling fit because your body is more toned, and prevent injuries because you are stronger. 

Functional Fitness

Your first step into combat sports, our professional Muay Thai Coach Manop from Thailand will train in small groups, depending on your needs and strengths, starting with basic combat skills, to physical training. Abundant cardio exercise within this hour to turn your body fat into muscles, toning your body and mind in an interesting and exciting way.


We have a special ladies-only Thai Boxing class for the ladies who wish to have an exclusive session with less contact and more value for slimming! The ladies only class is designed to provide specific slimming solutions for those wish to exercise in a comfortable environment.




We are the trainer on the sideline for the competitive athletes, whether you are a boxer, a soccer or basketball team, or a marathon runner. Strength&Conditioning training targets your physical ability to perform better, response faster, be a better athlete. Focus on power training, full body muscles development, and mobility improvement to fulfil 100% potential. 



The toughest, most challenging, yet super effective training at Feel Fit! A variety of interval training which requires teamwork to increase your cardio fitness and physical strength. Your sweat and effort every night will be well-rewarded with the sweet feeling of sore muscles. 

Feel Fit 


Feel Fit Slim is your first step to “Feel Fit” when you don’t know where to start! A combination of the perfect amount of physical training, (light) weight training, plus beginners’ Thai boxing moves, this class is designed for the sport beginners to step into the training zone. As your daily “sweat-it-all” session, Feel Fit Slim will help you get rid of the extra calories after a big feast, then build up muscles and toning into your ideal body shape.

Feel Fit